Who We Are?

About Us

The Royal Ambassadors Free Bible Ministries in Pakistan make violent efforts to spread the WORD of GOD. Men of God know the difficulties in spiritual war, especially Pakistan that is very hostile toward the Gospel. How the worldly and materialists come against us, how the great predictions, prophecies and forecasts have come true in the life of saints when they run through misery and troubles due to the work of God to save souls for His Holy Kingdom.

 The Bible says. In the morning sow your seed, And in the evening do not with hold your hand; for you do not know which will prosper, Either this or that. (Ecclesiastes 11:6). We saw many ups and downs, Jesus our Lord always protects us With His mighty right hand! When we started the work we had to face many problems even then we continue to move in the villages and areas where we have many brothers and sisters that have come to known Christ Jesus as their personal savior. We have many testimonies of life changing! They are working with us to spread the real Gospel with a great burden!

Extraordinary Experiences

Some areas are very remote; it is difficult to reach there easily while friends, Pastors and Evangelists are crying for Bibles. We are hardly contesting to arrange big quantity of Holy Bibles to cooperate with them. O such great need for Bibles. We are working hard to spread the gospel there. Whenever we need some Holy Bibles, we pay to get them. We need more and more Holy Bibles. Your support will be highly appreciated among us. Please share your little God will return it a lot amen! Be blessed.

Our Core Values